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Endeavour Class: Term 2, Week 4

The children enjoyed a very different but jam-packed week last week! They had great fun completing their Bikeability training, it was anti-bullying week and we did, of course, have our school photos too!

Congratulations to everyone earning their Bikeability Level 1 & 2 awards!

The children created some really well thought out legend stories last week as they tested out their creative writing skills. This week we delve further into King Alfred's reign; we will explore the important battles against the Danes that occurred in 871 and follow the life of Alfred as he becomes king. We will be supporting this learning with our reading of Warrior King which we will continue to read and discuss as a class. We will then write our own explanation texts towards the end of the week.

In maths this week, we will be working through some final parts of an initial Fractions unit, assessing our knowledge and then beginning our second unit of Fractions. The children have been working maturely through our learning even with some tricky concepts to grasp.

Please encourage the children to practise their spelling for this week for our test on Thursday. I have been really pleased with the commitment to completing and handing in homework on time, please do encourage to keep this up - they're doing a great job.

Lastly, our building is a little cold in the mornings so I would suggest wearing an extra layer or keeping an extra layer in school, in the event that the classroom is cold when the children arrive. It heats up quickly but it can be chilly at times; the children are welcome to wear a body warmer or warm fleece.

Have a great week!

Mrs Burbedge

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