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Endeavour Class: Term 2, Week 2

What a full first week back we had!

Not only was it Halloween but the children did some wonderful writing on a North American country of their choice and Apollo house/vice captains ran the house assembly this week.

This week we will be using our fantastic non-chronological reports and intentionally summarising them to create a PowerPoint presentation which the children will then present - they will be using their IT skills in order to make their presentations interesting and engaging for their audience. Towards the end of the week, we will be reading and writing some war poetry as we think about Armistice Day on Sunday.

In DT, we began to look at beams of bridges last week - we tested different shaped beams to see which is stronger, with quite surprising results! We will be testing pillars this week, to see which is more preferable for different types of bridges.

In maths, year 5 continue their unit of learning on multiplication and division; year 6 have begun a unit of work on fractions. Year 6 are turning their attention to adding and subtracting more complicated fractions and mixed number this week. Please ensure that all maths homework on Atom Learning is completed by next Friday.

Please ensure that English Skills homework books are completed - year 5 are completing Section 1, Test 7 and year 6 are to complete Section 1, Test 6 by Friday.

We love to have the children playing outside as much as possible during break times - please ensure your child has a waterproof jacket or coat with them in school.

Have a great week ahead!

Mrs Burbedge

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