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Endeavour Class: Term 2, Week 1

Welcome back to our second term of the year - I hope you've all had a lovely relaxing half term break.

We begin the term with some Halloween based learning tomorrow - using some expanded noun phrases to make some scary sounding spells. Then we will learn about some of the origins of this celebration to understand how we celebrate today.

Our topic this term is King Alfred. We will be learning and understanding his place in history and working out what we already know from our previous Viking topic. Tomorrow we will begin reading our class text - Warrior King by Sue Purkiss, I'm really looking forward to reading this with the class!

Please do remember to send in a waterproof coat with the children - we do try to have them playing outside in all weathers but this isn't possible without something waterproof to wear.

Have a wonderful week,

Mrs Burbedge

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