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Endeavour Class: Term 1, Week 7

We have had a great week of persuasive writing, debates about school uniform and it finished with us celebrating being the class which earned the most house points throughout the week.

This week we allocate some time to learning about George Stubbs, famous for painting some of the most accurate paintings of horses ever produced. We will learn about Stubbs' life as an artist then attempt to create some horse sketches of our own.

In maths, units on multiplication are being wrapped up and assessed on. Year 6 will begin their first unit on Fractions after half term.

On Thursday we will have our class treat which involves the children wearing home clothes into school for the day. They have also requested hot chocolate!

Our term ends on Friday at our usual finish time - wishing you all a lovely and restful half term when we get there!

Have a great week.

Mrs Burbedge

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