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Endeavour Class: Term 1, Week 7

Final week of term...

We have a rather different week this week, where we will be focusing on RE and Art as well as finishing off some reading - the children have been thoroughly engrossed in a book called Holes by Louis Sachar, it has been really lovely to see them enjoying a story together. I will be asking them for any recommendations for a class book for next term.

Next term, our topic text will be Warrior King by Sue Purkiss which will compliment our next topic 'King Alfred'. Each term, we do ask parents if they would be willing to purchase their own copy of the book by way of donation to the school; however we will order copies should they be needed. Here is a link to the book; please do ensure the children don't begin reading them until we return to school after half term, I know there are some really keen readers in our class! Also, we very much understand the financial pressures on the entire country right now so please, do let me know if you would like your child to have a school copy. I realise I am doing this much earlier than in previous terms - this is so we can begin the book as soon we return next term.

We will be exploring the works of Henry Moore this week as part of our art topic. I'm very excited to work with the children to create some sculptures using modroc. Please do send in some old clothes in bags for the children to wear so that they don't ruin their uniforms - we do have aprons but modroc is particularly messy. I envisage that we will begin sculpting on Wednesday and will continue on Thursday. Home clothes can be kept in a bag on pegs.

We are little behind with marking homework but will be catching up this week. There will be no homework set for the half term holiday the next hand-in dates are as follows:

Mental Arithmetic - Wednesday 2nd November

English Skills - Thursday 3rd November

Please check planners for the test number.

As ever, if you have any questions or queries, please do pop me an email.

Have a wonderful last week of term!

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