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Endeavour Class: Term 1, Week 3

We had a busy week last week, settling into routines and diving deeper into our new topics. More importantly, we have had our Eco Council and House Captain elections! I am pleased to announce that Isla and Zoe are our new Eco Councillors. House Captains will be announced in assembly on Monday afternoon. All the year 6s did themselves proud!

This week we begin looking at newspaper articles in English. We will be looking at real examples, picking out the features and, by the end of the week, we will be creating our own newspaper reports about the Norman Conquest!

In Science, year 5 will continue their learning on Forces whilst year 6 are learning all about the Heart & Circulatory System. The children have been enjoying being taught in years groups allowing for collaboration when conducting experiments.

Maths homework is live on Atom Learning - all children should have their logins in their planners to use at home. There is a parental activation email; I would be grateful if this could be checked and activated if not done so already. The maths homework is timed at 15 minutes for year 5 and 20 minutes for year 6 so please ensure that the children take their time. This is a new platform so please bear with us while we iron out any issues. Do email me on the class email should you need any help.

English Skills homework books have also been sent home today - children are expected to complete Section 1, Test 1 in that book by next Friday. If they are finding it tricky, I have asked them to attempt just part A and B, otherwise, please encourage them to independently complete part A, B and C. Again, please do contact me with any issues or queries.

Please ensure that your child comes to school with a pencil case, reading book, planner, water bottle and healthy snack - as they reach the top of the school, it is important for them to be responsible for organising themselves and have these items with them everyday - thank you in advance for your help with this.

As ever, do feel free to contact me on our class email - but please be aware that if I am teaching and you require immediate assitance or would like to make an appointment then please contact Mrs Sedwell in the office.

Have a lovely week,

Mrs Burbedge

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