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Endeavour Class: Term 1, Week 2

We have a had a wonderful, if warm, start to the term - the children have returned from the holidays with a great attitude towards their learning and have worked hard despite the warm weather.

This week, we begin to research the battles we are going to focus on this term; the Battle of Hastings, Spanish Armada and the Battle of Britain. We will be researching and completing a fact file on these battles to give a good overview of them all before we focus on each battle individually.

This week also brings the start of elections with the Eco council elections on Tuesday afternoon and house captains on Friday afternoon, so please do encourage your child/ren to work on their speeches at home to ensure they have remembered to include everything they need to.

Spellings have been given out for testing next Thursday and English Skills homework books will be given out next week. It is incredibly important for the children to complete the homework as it gives a clear idea on what further teaching is required as well as developing their vocabulary and spelling. punctuation and grammar knowledge that will complement their reading and writing ability.

Please ensure children are coming into school well prepared with pencil cases, planners, reading books and water bottles.

As ever, if you have any questions or queries, please do pop me an email using the class email address .

Have a great week!

Mrs Burbedge

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