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Endeavour Class - final week of Term 4 - Happy Easter!

Dear Parents,

This is our final week of Term 4 with lots of activities with the school's outside spaces, planting trees, planting sunflower seeds and understanding what it needed to nurture and care for living things. Monday is 'tree planting day' and the class has already decided what trees they wish to plant - an apple and a cherry tree. There will some preparation work involved in doing this so please send in a change of clothes and a pair of strong sturdy shoes/wellington boots as we will be outside for most of the day with other 'tree' activities to do as well. If you have any 'pots' or containers suitable for a plant pot, then please send one in. it needs to be at least 12 cms diameter to allow the seed to establish roots. Rather than throwing it into the recycle bin, it could be used to grow a plant.

On Tuesday we will looking at Easter, what it means to Christians and the Bibilcal story behind it. For the last day of term, Wednesday, we will be having our 'eggciting' Easter Egg hunt - so the children will come home with an Easter Egg, complimentsof FONS. Thank you!

There will be English Skills homework to hand in and mark on the Wednesday morning and the spelling test as well.

School finishes at 1.15 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon for the Easter break. I do hope you all have a lovely time and wish you all a very Happy Easter.

Enjoy all the chocolate eggs!

Mrs Wyatt

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