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Day 3, Week 5, Tasks for Highflyers

Wednesday 3rd February - Home learning

Please find the plan below:

03.2.21 Plan HF
Download PDF • 435KB
HF SPaG Mini test
Download PDF • 486KB
HF Literacy week 5
Download PDF • 62KB
Lowry PowerPoint
Download PPS • 7.06MB
All about Lowry Comprehension
Download PDF • 534KB
L S Lowry Word Mat and photos
Download DOCX • 349KB
Lowry Colours PowerPoint
Download PPSX • 9.81MB
Bruegel & Lowry Comparison
Download PPSX • 104.07MB
HF Maths Spring Worksheet 19
Download PDF • 901KB
HF Maths Spring Worksheet 19 Answers
Download PDF • 1.44MB