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Copy of Week Ahead In Discovery 17.10.22

Term 1, has flown by with only a week remaining. The children are tired and looking forward to their week off, as they've all worked hard.

Last Monday, we spent the day without using electricity in our classes. Learning in our continued as usual in the morning. However in the afternoon

, the whole school was split into house to create a logo out of the recycled waste sent into school. All 4 houses managed to design something different and sorted the recycling based on the type of materials sent in. It was lovely to watch team spirt, participation from all the children, more importantly being aware of the volume of plastic collected.

Science- Was fun and exciting learning the process of observation, fair testing, predicting and classification! Evaluating our food, why our bodies require nutrition and the difference between nutritional and food groups . We conducted an experiment to determine which juice has the most of amount of vitamin C. We used a sample of orange, apple and pineapple juice separately, along with an indicator solution (iodine, starch and water). After fair testing, the juice that turned the lightest in colour had the most amount of vitamin C.

Bones- Testing their existing knowledge of names of the bones they already knew by drawing around their friend, then labelling the bones. We looked at classifications of vertebrates and invertebrates. The purpose of bones and their functions, identifying the bones in our limbs and deflection. Examining chicken wing and thigh bones collectively.

Next week, we will continue with our science lesson.

Maths- Continuation of addition and subtraction units with extra maths lessons on certain days.

Music- Mr Stainstby has been teaching the children about tones, beats and the difference between major and minor. Fun rhythm dance games.

Homework- English, spelling, times tables and reading as normal. Maths homework (see email sent to all).

Please ensure your child comes to school with a waterproof coat, thanks.

I wish you all a great week.


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