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Charming Stories by Beatrix Potter

This is the last week of term 6. It has been an interesting term! Challenges has been set and met, with gold stars for all.

We will be finding out about Beatrix Potter. She wrote many charming stories about wild animals and the illustrations are beautiful. Beatrix Potter was influential in helping everyone to understand the importance of the outdoors. We are reminded about that in our daily lives to help us maintain a healthy outlook.

The last week of term always has some different sessions as well. On Monday there will be an additional PE day in school. There will be some creative activities in school. We will be looking ahead to the next academic year.

Last week was the last phonic sessions and this week there will be a flexible approach to maths. The White Rose website is available for anyone who wishes to follow the plans provided. Daily plans will not be put on the website this week.

We thank everyone for the support during this period. We wish everyone a fantastic, relaxing summer holiday.


Books to be returned to school

Adventure 1 Monday

Adventure 2 Tuesday

In school PE sessions Adventure 1 & 2 on Monday

Adventure 2 on Tuesday

Adventure 1 on Wednesday

Forest School zoom on Wednesday 1.30.p.m.

Zoom session for the end of term to be notified.

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