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Challenger - Week 2

We have had a lovely start to the final term of the year. Along with some sunny weather at last, we have been thinking about the seaside. Needless to say, the topic seems to be a big hit with the children. Last week they found out where some seaside towns are located and they also identified and described some human and physical features of coastal environments.

Some children said they were off to the seaside this weekend! Please send in photos (via email is fine to and any information about where you have been (where did you go, what particular features were there etc.).

Exploring the Arctic

Next week, we are leaving our temperate climate for a colder one as we start the week with an exciting live broadcast from Encounter Edu - Exploring the Arctic. Children have submitted questions and hope to have them answered. We hope to find out about the effects of global warming, what it is like to actually go to the Arctic and how arctic animals survive. We are looking forward to the brilliantly named 'blubber gloves' investigation!

Phonics and spelling - new spellings will be given out on Monday

  • alternative spellings for /e/

  • making plural nouns by adding -s or -es

RAPID group

  • ch sh th ng revision

  • making plural nouns by adding -s or -es

in maths, children will use their understanding of place value to compare and order 2 digit numbers.

Slip, Slap, Slop and staying cool

Barnaby Bear reminded us last week to 'slip. slap. slop' in the sunshine. Slip on a T-shirt, slap on a hat and slop on the sun cream. PLEASE REMEMBER SUN PROTECTION at this time of year.

We have been encouraging children to drink plenty and take their hoodies or jumpers off in this very hot weather.


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