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Challenger - Week 1 Term 2

Welcome to Term 2 in Challenger Class! I hope everyone has had a lovely half term holiday and that children are ready for another busy term - not least with all the excitement of the run up to Christmas! This includes practising for our Lower School Christmas production.

Our history topic for Term 2 is Castles. In our research we will be finding out: who built them and why they were built; who lived in them and what jobs they did; and how castles developed over time from the original motte and bailey model.

Some of our written work will be linked to the topic.

This week's learning

The first day back is Halloween and half the day will be spent on some Halloween-themed activities and half on a castle building project.

In other areas:

Phonics - the focus is on the GPC ir and wh as an alternative spelling of w. On Monday each child will be issued with a word list to help learn these words. On Friday we wil have a spelling 'test'. This will be very low key and I certainly do not want children to get anxious about it. The words can be used however you like at home - ideal for cutting up and turning into a 'find the word' game.

Reading - shared reader 40 Highland Summer

Maths - In our Mastering Number sessions we will revise children's understanding of odds and evens. Children need to know which numbers are odd and which are even and also have an understanding of the composition of odds and evens and what makes a number odd or even.

In our main lesson we look at comparison of quantities and measures. In this unit children will compare items according to various attributes and develop the appropriate vocabulary and grammar to describe these comparisons. We will consolidate children's understandng that when comparing two sets of objects, one set can contain more objects than the other, one set can contain fewer objects or they can contain the same. We will use the correct language to describe these comparisons and also revise using the appropriate mathematical symbols to compare quantities.

Please see the Term 2 curriculum information and Term 2 timetable (which remains unchanged from last term) by clicking the button at the top of the Challenger class page.

Have a great week!

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