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Challenger - The week ahead T4Wk1

Welcome back to Term 4 which sees the launch of our new history topic - The Great Fire of London. Children will gain an insight into the events of this catastrophic episode in British history; they will find out why it happened, what was done to prevent the spread of the fire and what happened afterwards. They will learn about some of the important historical figures of the time and the key roles they played in events and our understanding of them. Children will find out how we can use a variety of sources to research events in history and we will consider which are most reliable.

The week's learning (in other areas)

Phonics and Reading

This is a week for consolidating split digraphs and the alternative spellings introduced last term. They are as follows

a_e ey (obey) ei (vein) eigh (sleigh)

e_e ie (field)


o_e ou (mould)

u_e ou (group) ui (bruise) u (stupid)

a and al as alternative spellings of the /or/ sound as in calling and walked

Our shared reader is number 50, The Sock Dispute.

In addtion to consolidating words containing spllit digraphs, it has the following objectives:

Reading: Children explain clearly their understanding of what is read to them.

Writing: Children use the spelling rule of adding the ‘s’ marker for plurals.

English and Writing

Children will be producing a piece of writing that will be used for moderation. They will be encouraged to use their best writing skills (correctly formed sentences, descriptive language, correct punctuation, accurate spellings) to create a character description. Every child in the school will be completing the same task but obviously with different expecations for the outcomes.


Addition and Subtraction

  • Using concrete objects, models and images and knowledge of number bonds to find missing numbers.

  • We find out that if we know two parts of an equation, we can work out the third.

In our Mastering Number sessions we take another look at:

  • the composition of 6

  • odds and evens

  • doubles and halves

  • near doubles

Have a great week!

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