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Challenger - The week ahead

It was really lovely to see the children again after the Christmas break and to hear about their holiday adventures. Well done to the Challenger children who have come back to school to kick off the new term with just the right attitude; they are ready to have fun with their friends and ready to learn! It was only half a week but we achieved plenty.

We launched our China topic and began by finding out what children already know and by doing some research. Next week, children will produce some sentences to make a fact file about China.

Next week's learning

Phonics and Reading

As week 1 was a short week we will continue with the split digraph a-e and also the shared reader The Turning of the Year.

Please ensure that children are reading at home. They do not have to read the whole book in one go and a few pages at a time is fine. Please record in their planner when they read at home. Children could be encouraged to record this themselves. All that is needed is a date in the margin and page numbers read. They have all brought home other books to share as well.

There will be a spelling assessment on Friday to gauge how well children have grasped the split digraph a-e.


We'll continue our work with 2D and 3D shapes and spatial reasoning. In our Mastering number sessions we will revisit the composition of 9.


  • Please send in wellington boots or similar when the weather is wet. Children often need them at playtime.

  • Bring a fresh water bottle everyday.

  • Label school uniform - they are all the same!

  • A bag of spare clothes (bottom half) should be left on children's pegs all term. Please make sure these contain underwear and socks.

Have a great week!

Challenger Class try a basketball work out - chinese primary school style! We haven't mastered it yet but we had a lot of fun and we'll keep trying.

Fun with shapes

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