Challenger - the final week!

LAST WEEK (details for next week are at the end of this post)

It was a very busy week and we had a lot of fun. On Monday afternoon, children were treated to the Upper School's production of Shakespeare's Macbeth. The performance was fantastic and our children were a super audience all the way through the hour-long show. They seemed to enjoy it, despite all the blood-shed!

On Thursday at Sports Day, the children represented their year group and their house team admirably. I was very proud of the way they conducted themselves. I hope you all enjoyed the event and witnessed their impressive athletic skills. Look out for the email that will give you access to Mr Wright's photos of the morning.

Our amazing human body and the five senses.

Back in the classroom in our science lessons, we were investigating the five senses. Children worked with a partner to carry out the taste test. With blindfolds on and noses blocked we sampled different foods (apple, onion, lemon and oreos) and guessed what they were, based on taste alone. Children were very good at this! A class of super-tasters!

I did manage to fool them all with the vanilla yoghurt / food dye experiment though. Three bowls of vanilla flavoured yoghurt were coloured red, blue and orange. Children tasted and labelled the bowls either 'strawberry', 'orange' or 'blueberry'. This time their eyes told them that the three bowls were dfferent flavours.

Two eyes are better than one.

We thought about where our eyes are positioned on our body (compariedwith some animals) and performed a peripheral vision test. Then we tried throwing and catching with two eyes and then just one eye. I think most agreed that two eyes are preferable. It was a sunny day but the pictures show children closing one eye - not squinting!

It was fun looking at some optical illusions:

What do you see in these pictures?

Optical illusions happen when our brain and eyes try to speak to each other in simple language but the interpretation gets a bit mixed-up.

We ended the week creating our own:


We will be investigating our hearing and conducting experiements to discover how sound reaches our ears.

PLEASE BRING A LARGE CARRIER BAG (for taking books/art work etc. home)

Also in the final week:

Tuesday 12th July

  • Transition Day - Year 1 will visit Miss Wall in the High Flyer classroom as they prepare to become Year 2s.

  • Come into Class! 3.45 - 4.30 - parents are invited into school for a chance to see the children's work and classrooms - this year's and next year's.

Thursday 14th July

  • Year 6 leaver's assembly and Star of the Term assembly at 9.30. It wil be an open air event.

Friday 15th July

  • End of Year quiz in Challenger Class and time to celebrate our amazing achievements of the year.