• Ms Roberts

Challenger - the final week!

It was lovely to speak to so many of you last week to discuss your children’s progress. It is a shame you have not been able to come into the classroom and have a proper look around and you have not had the opportunity to look through books at a parents’ evening. However, I am posting a few photos of the classroom and the playground and please look out for the envelopes coming home this week, which will contain a selection of work from across the subjects this term.

Halloween Literacy

With one week to go of this very long term, we are looking forward to a Halloween themed week. Drawing inspiration from Julia Donaldson’s ‘Room on the Broom’, we will make up our own rhyming spells. We will also have a look at Shakespeare’s Song of the Witches from Macbeth and maybe we will be able to find an eye of newt or a lizard’s leg in the walled garden.


In maths, we will continue with addition. This week is about using the range of strategies for addition that we have been practising to solve problems. These problems involve finding a total or finding a missing number when you know the value of the whole and one of the parts.


We have taken a gentle approach to phonics this term and the introduction of new phonemes and children have coped well. I will be carrying out some phonics tracking next week and the week after half term in order to gauge progress. There are two online sites that are useful for consolidating phonic knowledge; all children have Teach Your Monster to Read accounts (login details are in the front of their planners) and parents have free access to some of the resources on Phonics Play. Follow this link to see their charging policy form 21st October and details of what you can get for free: https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/return-to-charging

Active Learn – maths games and readers

All children have logins to Active Learn in the front of their planners where they can access a range of maths practice games and I have allocated some RAPID reading books. Obviously, I would not want children to stop reading ‘real’ books but these are a useful addition to reading material. Children can opt to have the text read to them and there are short comprehension activities.

Have a great week and a lovely half term break!