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Challenger Term 4 Week 1

Welcome aboard the HMS Challenger where our history topic for Term 4 is 'On the Water'. We will find out about different types of boats and ships throughout history - starting with the HMS Challenger! The Challenger was originally a British Royal Navy corvette, built as a small warship but was later refitted to become a scientific ocean research vessel and, in 1872, she embarked upon a four-year long journey to explore and chart the oceans of the world.

The phonics focus this week is on alternative spellings for the /ow/ phoneme and the RAPID group looks at the digraph ee.

In maths, the focus is on place value in numbers up to 50. We'll be counting to 50 by making tens, further exploring the concept that 2-digit numbers consist of tens and ones and representing 2-digit numbers in a variety of concrete and pictorial ways.

It is WORLD BOOK DAY on Thursday and we'll be celebrating throughout the week with some live online sessions; on Monday we'll be joining Julia Donaldson for 'A Pocketful of Songs'. On Thursday, children are invited to dress up as their favourite character from a book but please remember that it is a PE day and they will need to bring their PE kits to school to change in to for the afternoon PE session.

The ideal show and tell this week would be their favourite book and I am looking forward to hearing all about them.

In PSHE we will be covering the unit 'Good or Bad touches'. To find out more about the lesson content, please follow the link below:

An overview of the curriculum in Term 4 can be found by clicking on the Curriculum and Timetable Info. button above.

Have a great week everyone!

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