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Challenger T5Wk2 21.4.23

It was a super first week at the start of term 5. Well done to all the Challenger children who have bounced back into school this term ready to learn and have fun!

Geography Topic - Our Watery World

We have started our new geography topic about the oceans and children are showing their usual enthusiasm and interest for their learning; they are bringing their personal interests and prior knowledge into our lessons. This week we identifed and located the oceans and found out plenty about them. Children used a range of resources to carry out research and they have produced some information writing. Please keep on bringing in topic related 'show and tells'. Next week we will find out about the ocean layers and the creatures that live within them.

Next week's learning


-are pronounced as /air/ and alternative spellings for this phoneme: ear (pear) ere (where)

Reading Shared Reader 58: Warm Milk and Honey

Learning Objectives:

Reading: Make inferences on the basis of what is being said and done.

Writing: Use an apostrophe for ‘I’m’ as a contraction of ‘I am’.


Children will use previous knowledge of odd and even numbers in the context of 2 digit numbers.

We will revise and consolidate the composition of numbers 11-20 in our Mastering Number sessions. The models, images and language we use to explore composition expose these numbers as 'a ten and some ones'. The sessions provide lots of practice with the aim of achieving automaticity in number facts. For example, children will 'just know' that 10 and 3 makes 13 without having to count on. Once mastered, this skill is easily transferred to higher numbers.

D&T - A word from Mrs Mayor...

  • If anyone has any spare embroidery thread that is no longer needed at home we will make use of it in our lessons.

  • If children do any needlework at home, they are welcome to bring it in to show the other children.

Have a wonderful week!

This was the final piece of last term's art topic. Y1's Picasso inpsired portraits are brilliant! Mrs Mayor and I agree that the quality of Y1 art work is excellent.

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