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Challenger News

This week in Challenger we will be keeping busy with this...

The phonics focus will be the interesting digraphs wh and ph and we’ll have a look at some common exception words (CEW). Many question words begin with wh and I’ll be asking children to listen out for those words all week. Perhaps you can help them spot questions they might ask or might hear at home (eg What’s for dinner?).

The full list of Y1 CEW cab be found by clicking at the top of this page. These are tricky words that occur frequently. They do not follow the normal rules of phonics and must be learned separately.

In English we’ll start the week by reading the wonderful Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. This is a beautiful book which I hope will inspire children to create their own leaf men and write about their adventures. We’ll also go on an adjective hunt in the playground and walled garden. PLEASE BRING WELLIES and RAIN COATS so that we can get outside for our learning.

In maths we’ll be looking at part-whole models. A part-whole is used to show how a whole number can be partitioned, or split, into different parts. Here we can see how 4 can be partitioned into 1 and 3.

Later on this is used as a pictorial representation to help understanding of addition and subtraction.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at Parent consultation evenings this week.

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