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Challenger - Final Week of Term 1

The final week of term is upon us and what a pleasure it is to look back on the the children's first weeks in Year 1. They have achieved so much; they are developing a great attitude to learning, growing in confidence and finding out even more about the world, themselves and other people.

On Monday of last week, we enjoyed a break from all things electrical and managed without electricity all day in the classroom. We enjoyed taking part in the collaborative art work in house groups. Please see the photos below of some of last week's activities.

This week's learning

Phonics - a consolidation week ensuring thorough knowledge of ay ou ie ea and oy

Reading - Shared Reader 39 - Hunt the Specs. This book consolidates previpusly learned GPCs. We will also identify nouns and verbs in the text.

Maths - in maths we will consolidate learning from Term 1.

Science - we continue our science block finding out abput different tupes of weather in the UK and around the world. We will be making clouds in a jar, cyclones in a bottle and finding out what makes puddles dry up.

Special Events

On Wednesday the whole key stage (Year 1 and Year 2) are off to Langtree School to take part in our Primary Partnership Cross Country event. This event is all about taking part and having fun as a Nettlebed Team. Of course it is a race and some children are very competitive and will want to run as fast as they can. We have already talked about why it is 'fun to run' in the class and the children came up with many reasons why running is brilliant - from chasing your dog to having fun in the playground. Nettlebed adults will be on hand to run with any children who may find the course a challenge.

Photos from the week

What a load of rubbish!

Finding out about temperature

Finding out about the seasons and daylight hours

Fun in the playground

Have a great week!

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