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Challenger Class - Week 4

It's another exciting week ahead of us with plenty of learning and a super treat scheduled for the end of the week! Let's hope the weather is kind to us.

Nettlebed Beach Day

On Friday we will go on a virtual trip to the sea side! Children will be able to take part in:

  • fish and chips by the seaside (school dinner taken outside for a picnic in the walled garden)

  • building a sandcastle competition

  • a variety of beach games (in the walled garden)

  • fun in the water pistol/super soaker zone (only for those who don't mind getting wet)

  • ice lolly eating

Children should:

  • wear beach clothes (shorts, Tshirts, sunhats, sunglasses etc)

  • bring a picnic rug (We don't need 26 though, so perhaps parents could coordinate on WhatsApp?)

  • bring a water pistol (if you have one)

  • bring a bucket and spade (if you have one)

In English lessons this week we are having a creative writing week, kicking off with children producing a shape poem. Later in the week we'll see where our imaginations take us with Dennis Nolan's fantasy 'Sea of Dreams' as inspiration.

Phonics and Spellings

In our daily phonics lessons (and all writing and reading sessions too) all Y1 children are practising their phonics skills. It is vital to keep practising and learning to ensure maximum progress in these areas. We revisit and revise all the phonemes and graphemes that children need to know continuously throughout the year, building their knowledge, understanding and confidence along the way.

Due to the disruption caused this year by the COVID 19 pandemic, this year's Year 1 cohort have not had to do the statutory Phonic Screening Check which normally takes place in June. This has not affected how or what we teach the children - it has been business as usual in our phonics lessons. They will do the check next Autumn at the start of Year 2.

  • RAPID group: or ar er

  • the /zh/ phoneme which is uncommon but occurs in some key words eg. television, measure. These are tricky spellings and I will make children fully aware that these are hard to learn and that they should try to embrace the challenge.

It's about Time in maths. Children have been telling the time for a while in Challenger Class and doing a great job. This unit will revise the concept and consolidate their understanding of:

  • words used to describe different times throughout the day

  • an understanding of the order of events throughout the day

  • telling the time on analogue and digital clocks

  • how we write the time


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