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Challenger Class - Week 3

We had great fun at the end of the week tasting Chinese food. the children accepted the chopstick challenge and were only allowed to eat using chopsticks. They all had a go, some to great effect and there were also some less conventional methods!

Next week we will be celebrating Chinese New Year. In English, using Christopher Corr's version of the traditional story The Great Race as stimulus, children will write a newspaper report giving an account of the the race.

Phonics – e-e

We continue finding out about split digraphs and this week we look at e-e.

Shared readerEvery Good Thing

This book features the e-e split digraph and also words sharing the same sound which have the ie spelling pattern.

Children will have further opportunities to predict what might happen on the basis of what has been read so far. We are also learning how to compose a full answer to comprehension questions, joining words and clauses using the conjunction ‘because’.


In Mastering Number, this week’s activities will provide the children with an opportunity to further explore the composition of numbers within 10, identifying whether even numbers can be composed of parts that are odd/even, and whether odd numbers can be composed of parts that are odd/even.

In the main session we look at additive structures.

  • Pupils will combine two or more parts to make a whole.

  • They will also understand that addends can be represented in any order. This is called the commutative law.

  • Pupils explain that the = sign can be used to show that the whole and the sum of the parts are equal.

  • Pupils add parts to find the value of the whole and write the equation.

Have a great week!

Last week in pictures

In maths children were thinking about the properties of 3D shapes when choosing shapes that would allow them to build sturdy towers.

Representing 9. Creating a museum of 9

Chinese food tasting and the chopstick challenge

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