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Challenger Class - Week 3

Well done Challenger Class! We've had another super week and the Year 1s continue to impress me. See the photos from last week in the gallery below.

Next week is National Recycling Week which ties in nicely with our Eco School topic.

Next Week's Learning

  • Phonics: the ou grapheme

  • Shared Reader: 35: An Outing to the Woods

  • Writing Children will design and make posters informing our school community how to look after our environment using instructions they wrote last week.

  • Maths In our Mastering Number sessions we will continue to explore how the numbers 6,7,8 and 9 can all be composed of two parts where 5 is one of the parts. Also in maths we'll continue to practise counting within 100 in different ways. We use a range of models and images to help children remember the sequence - eg number lines and tracks, 100 grids. This week I will introduce a gattegno chart.

Dual Counting

Ask your children about a new way of counting that they are learning this year. Dual counting helps to deepen understanding of place value. They learn this alongside the usual way of counting.

The numicon shapes above illustrate the count which goes like this:

nine, one ten zero, one ten one, one ten two, one ten three, one ten four, one ten five............two ten zero etc.

Children at work and at play in Challenger Class last week.



Lining up for lunch and playtime

Bug Hunt - they needed to see where insects live to inform their Bug Hotel designs in D&T

Have a great week everyone!

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