• Sarah Roberts

Challenger Class - Week 3

In our topic By the Sea, we will find out about safety at the seaside; how to keep ourselves and others safe in this environment and about the people and organisations whose job it is to keep us safe.

Maths this week is all about money. Children should be able to recognise coins and notes, count coins, understand the relative value of coins and notes and find equivalent values. Children's understanding of this 'real' maths concept is diminishing generally as more transactions do not involve real money and especially so with COVID restrictions on the use of coins and notes. Please help them by:

  • encouraging them to have a look in their own piggy banks or allow them to access your purse or wallet

  • grouping like coins together

  • ordering coins by value

  • counting coins (counting in 2p's in 2s, 5p's in 5s, 10p's in 10s etc)

  • trying to find equivalent values eg five 2p coins are the same as 10p, ten 5p coins are equal to 50p


Children will be finding out what plants need to make them grow; we will plant some runner beans and see which conditions allow them to flourish. Children will also explore the basic structure of plants.

Wet weather

The wonderful British weather is certainly keeping us on our toes at the moment! When it is wet (as long as it is not too wet- like last Friday), we try to get the children outside for playtime as they need the fresh air and a proper run around. Please make sure they have raincoats when rain is forecast.

Have a great week everyone!