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Challenger Class Week 2

What a wonderful first week of school it was! It was really lovely to see everyone again and the children were brilliant! It was almost like they had never been away as they bounced back into school, settled in and got on with the business of the week.

I hope they all feel relatively settled after their first week back and are looking forward to week 2 of Year 1.

Next week's learning

Phonics and Reading:

  • GPC ay (play) and common alternatives: (/ai/ a)

  • Read words with prefix un- and ead nonsense words

  • Use a capital letter for names of people, places, the days of the week and the personal pronoun ‘I’

  • Shared Reader 34 Thankyou, Sam

Eco School Topic and Writing

  • We'll go on an 'eco hunt' around the school grounds, classroom and corridors to see if we can spot what Nettlebed School does already to help protect our planet.

  • Understanding instructions and how to write our own instructions

  • Designing and creating posters to remind the school community to be eco-mindful.


  • the composition of 6, 7 , 8 and 9

  • counting within 100 - dual counting and using a 100 grid

PE is on Monday and Thursday and children should wear PE kit on both days. On Monday we will be doing gymnastics and if the weather is warm, children may want to wear PE shorts for this session (rather than jogging bottoms).

Please remember to send in a bag of spare clothes (bottom half) just in case of accidents. These can be left on your child's peg all term.

Show and Tell

Children are welcome to bring show and tell items in but please limit these to items relating to our topic or a special event.

We had an outbreak of cuddly toys in school last week. We are not against children bringing a comfort toy to school if absolutely necessary and it is beneficial to their well-being but ideally these should be phased out as soon as possible. You know your children best and I will leave this to your discretion.

Have a great week everyone!

Enjoy a snapshot of the children at work and at play last week:

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