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Challenger Class - The Week Ahead 3.10.22

We certainly made the most of our time last week in Challenger Class. We had a visit from the local PCSO and found out that police officers do other things besides chase robbers! We took part in a very informative online lesson from Jessica at the Ardley Energy Recovery Facility and found out how what happens to our waste. In D&T, children had the chance to gather our home-grown Nettlebed apples and make freshly squeezed apple juice, thanks to Miss Freeman's dad who showed us how to use an apple press. The finished product was delicious! Please see the gallery of photos below to get a taste of last week's learning.

CONGRATULATIONS to Challenger for winning the Class Housepoint competition. They can wear slippers all week in class and bring in a small cuddly toy everyday next week!

This week's learning:

In Phonics and Reading, the focus is on the GPC ea and the shared reader for our reading sessions is called 'Little Peach'. When reading at home, there is no obligation to read the whole book in one go! Children will manage varying amounts. We are working with the text all week in various ways. Here are some possible approaches you could try at home:

  • children could choose a section to share with you.

  • practise reading sections of dialogue with the adult reading first to model correct intonation.

  • choose a page for children to spot words with the week's focus GPC (this week it is ea)

  • practise the red and green words in the front of the book

  • use the questions at the back of the book

It is National Poetry Day on Thursday and using Sally Crabtree's poem, 'The Word Bird', as inspiration, we will have a go at writing our own version.

In maths, we will be counting forwards and back using number lines. We will also explore the concept of '1 more' using a variety of representations and linking the idea of '1 more' to 'the next number in the count'.

Henley Literary Festival Trip

On Wednesday morning, the lower school are off to Henley for this:

our chance to see National Poetry Day ambassador and Laugh Out Loud Book Awards winner Joshua Seigal for a fun and interactive event filled with raucous humour, creativity and wit. His latest hilarious and heartfelt collection Yapping Away covers everything from the eight steps for having a successful tantrum to why you should NEVER attend a Teddy Bear’s Picnic.

It sounds like it should be fun!

I look forward to seeing you all next week at parent consultation meetings.

Gymnastics - the wallbars

Balancing and travelling on tables and benches

Gathering apples and making juice

PCSO visit and Ardley ERF online

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