• Sarah Roberts

Challenger Class - Term 6 Week 1

Welcome back to the final term of the year! We'll be starting a new topic - By the Sea - and much of our learning will be based around that.

This week children will be finding out where our major seaside towns are and thinking about the predominant features of a town by the sea.

In our phonics lessons we will be looking at alternative spellings for /w/ and the RAPID group will focus on words with the ear spelling in them. Spelling assessment this week will focus on Y1 Common Exception Words. Children who are ready for an additional challenge should start learning Year 2 Common Exception Words. There will be no spelling lists issued this week other than Common Exception words which can be found by clicking the buttons at the top of the class page.

In maths, children will be looking at place value in two digit numbers and thinking about what the digits represent.

Have a great week everybody!