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Challenger Class - Term 2 Week 4

We had a great time at the Tag Rugby Festival last week. The children showed some good rugby skills and have clearly learned a lot during the Thursday sessions. Sometimes listening to instructions and focusing proved a little tricky but as the children settled in to the morning this also improved. I hope you saw the photos posted last week.

Next week in phonics we will look at further alternative pronunciations for certain graphemes. The focus will be on alternatives for a and y at the start of the week and later ch and ou. It is very helpful if children can try to spot these in their reading throughout the week.

We will have little break form learning about Ancient Greece because next week will be SCIENCE week. Children will learn to identify and name a variety of common animals including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, including pets. We'll look at the features of each type of animal and classify animals according to their features. Writing this week will be based on our work in Science.

In maths we are still working on subtraction and finding a difference. Towards the end of the week we'll find out about comparing two number statements. In our Mastering Number sessions we are also focussing on comparison. Comparison involves looking for similarities or differences between objects or sets of objects. Objects can be compared according to a range of different attributes (length, mass etc.) and sets of objects can also be compared according to the numerosity of each set. This week children will focus on comparing the numbers of objects in two sets; they will identify which set has more or fewer objects or whether the sets are equal.

You may be able to spot real life examples to draw attention to this week. For example 'Who has the most teddies on their bed?' or 'Who has fewer pairs of shoes, child or sibling/ child or parent?'.

There has been a great response to maths homework so far - thank you for encouraging and helping children to complete this. More is coming home this week.

Finally, please encourage and enable plenty of Christmas Play singing practice at home.

Have a great week everyone!

A few photos from last week - clay work and spirograph fun!

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