• Ms Roberts

Challenger Class Term 2 Week 3

In our topic work this week, we will ask the questions, 'What was so great about Alexander the Great?' and 'Why is he still remembered today?'. Children will find out about his early life, his accomplishments and some of the other stories that surround this impressive military commander from ancient times.

In phonics, we are still learning about alternative pronunciations and this week we look at the different ways of saying the following graphemes: ow, ie, ea and er.

In maths we will cover the following concepts:

  • Fact families

Children will derive eight different number facts from knowing just one fact. I like to call this 'facts for free'. It means that if you know and understand that 6+2 = 8, then you also know that...

2 +6 = 8 and that 8 = 2 + 6

8 - 2 = 6 8 = 6 + 2

8 - 6 = 2 6 = 8 - 2

2 = 8 - 6

  • Subtraction - finding a difference between two numbers or amounts

  • In our Mastering Number fluency session - the composition of 8

Maths Homework

Please do help your child to complete this homework. It will help them to be able to talk about the possible solutions for each question. They may need help to find a suitable way to record their answers; for this task it would be a good idea to draw a part-whole model and writing number sentences, or they might choose to draw the items and write a number sentence. I am happy to see evidence of adult help with homework tasks and I don't mind if adults write down the child's thought processes.

Tag Rugby Festival on Wednesday

We are very excited to be going to the tag rugby festival on Wednesday morning. Children must come to school wearing their PE Kits and a warm and waterproof coat. The whole session is outside so if the weather is cold they should have hats and gloves as well. Children must also bring their water bottles. We will travel to Henley RFC by coach. Please ensure that you have completed the online permission form sent out from the office last week.

Christmas Play

On Friday children brought home the words to the Christmas play songs. We are learning these in school but I am sure that they will be singing them at home too. If they can't remember the words when practising then you or they will be able to refer to the song sheet.