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Challenger Class T5Wk5

Science Week - Identifying Plants

We had fun last week collecting leaf samples and studying the different kinds of leaves before using guides to identify them.

Is a tree a plant?

At the start of the week, opinion was divided but after some research into parts of a plant we all agreed that trees are also plants - just great big ones!

Classifying trees - deciduous or evergreen?

Children sorted pictures of trees into the two groups and were able to work out the difference between these two kinds of tree.


We will be investigating pine cones.

Next week's learning

Phonics - the ph alternative spelling for /f/ and the digraphs gn, kn, mb which contain a silent letter.

Spellings for this week

As you can see the green decodeable words are quite long this week. The Friday spelling 'test' is a chance for pupils to show that they have grasped the week's focus grapheme(s), having practised throughout the week. I ask children to spell a range of shorter and longer words that contain the focus graphemes. For example, this week, they might be asked to spell 'phone' and then 'saxophone', 'knee' and then 'kneeling'. There is always support available for those who are less confident.

Reading - Shared Reader 61 - A Wind Band Workshop

Learning Objectives

Reading: Predict what might happen on the basis of what has been read so far.

Writing: Write expanded noun phrases using the words my/his/her/their, an adjective and a noun.

Writing - Ocean Adventures

At the start of the week, we will use Julia Donaldson's The Snail and the Whale to identify the features of a story. We'll be looking at story structure and the rich language used to make a story exciting and compelling to read.

Children will be inventing their own sea creature story characters and writing their own ocean adventure stories. They will explore using expanded noun sentences.


Following our counting in groups of 2 and 10 last week, children will move on to counting in groups of 5. This work lays the foundations for multiplication and division. Children have become quite confident over the year in saying the twos , fives and tens count and this unit makes the connection with counting in groups.

In Mastering Number, this week’s sessions support the children to become more fluent in reading, interpreting and writing addition equations.

Have a great week everyone!

Friday fun - Wake up Shake up combined with Stop and Write Phonics activity. Challenger Class have some great moves!

Royal cypher aerial photo

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