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Challenger Class T5Wk4

We've had a lovely week and I am sure that you have already heard about our Coronation celebrations. I hope that they will make special memories for your children. From my point of view, it has been an absolute pleasure to see the school community celebrating together. Well done to the children who have been fantastic all week.

Next Week's Learning

Phonics - We'll take a look at the grapheme oe pronounced as /oa/.

We will also meet words containing the graphemes ch (brochure), ti (potion), ci (precious) and ssi (passion) which are all pronounced as /sh/.

Reading - Shared Reader 60 - Nan's Bright Idea

Learning Objectives:

Reading: Discuss the significance of the title and events.

Writing: Write expanded noun phrases using the words my/his/her/their, an adjective and a noun.


This week we begin a new unit - Counting , Unitising and coins. We begin by using the twos, fives and tens count to count groups efficiently in 2s, 5s and 10s. These counts are later linked to money.

In Mastering Number, this week's activities will further develop fluency in reading and writing expressions and equations to represent familiar number bonds.

Science Week - Identifying Plants

This biology unit gives children opportunities to collect leaf samples, identify trees from their leaves and identify the parts of a plant.

We have already planted sunflower seeds, some food scraps and Rosie's walnut. We have enjoyed seeing the results in the classroom.

It looks like it will be a wet week ahead, please make sure that children have waterproof coats and perhaps wellies so that we can still get out and about for leaf collection and plant identification.

Have a great week!

Last week in pictures:

Wednesday's flypast

Coronation Lunch


The sunflowers are getting a bit leggy in the window - they need to go outside!

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