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Challenger Class T4Wk3

The Great Fire of London - Topic work and writing

Last week the children worked in groups to produce some super fact files about the Great Fire of London. They demonstrated that they had understood a great deal about the events leading up to the fire, the measures taken to put out the fire and the people involved including the role played by the famous diarist, Samuel Pepys.

This week children will look at the Great Fire of London

through the eyes of some fictional characters. One story

is about Vlad the flea who lives on the back of his friend Boxton the rat. The other is about Toby who works at

a paper shop in London at the time of the fire. Both books

show how a real historical event can be used as the backdrop for a piece of fictional writing. Of course, children will have a chance to write their own historical fiction.

This week in phonics

-y saying /igh/ as in the phrase Fly in the sky. We also look at u as in pull and oul as in could.

This week in reading Shared Reader 52 An Extra Pudding

Pops and Ben go on a hawk-watching expedition to the abbey. We also find out about Pops’ secret supply of Christmas Puddings.

Learning Objectives:

Reading: Discuss word meanings, linking new meanings to those already known.

Writing: Use the suffix -ed for the past tense of verbs.

This week in maths

We continue with addition and subtraction and look at the following concepts:

  • adding one gives one more and subtracting one gives one less

  • consecutive numbers have a difference of one; we can use this when solving equations where the subtrahend is one less than the minuend

  • adding two to an odd number gives the next odd number and adding two to an even number gives the next even number

  • subtracting two from an odd niumber gives the previous odd number and subtracting two from an even number gives the previous even number

  • consecutive odd numbers / consecutive even numbers have a difference of two; we can use this to solve subtraction equations where the subtrahend is two less than the minuend

Henley Youth Festival - Going Green


As part of Henley Youth Festival, Scarlet Oak Theatre are bringing 'The Zoo That Comes To You' to our school hall.

The Zoo That Comes To You follows the efforts of two wildlife enthusiasts who provide respite, care or a temporary home to those in need. They now have a sanctuary full of animals, however, no-one has come to visit their zoo. So everybody - animals and humans alike - have decided it is time to get out, see the world, and bring the zoo, to you!

This promises to be highly entertaining and informative. You can get a taste of what they have to offer here:


Challenger have the opportunity to take part in a nature walk around our school grounds, led by Greener Henley. Please make sure that chidren have suitable footwear for this - wellies, ideally.

Have a great week everyone!

World Book Day

We hope the children enjoyed World Book Day. They certainly looked a picture!

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