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Challenger Class - T2Wk2

The Castles topic is well under way already and children found out about the very first motte and bailey castles built by the Normans. We even had a go at making our own models.

In their art lesson with Mrs Mayor children created castle pictures from their imaginations. They could choose either white on black (in chalk) or black on white (in pen). Have a look at the full set below - they are fantastic!

Children will be creating castle collages this term. Please send in any old newspapers or magazines destined for recycling to enable this project.

This week's learning

The Ramayana - The Diwali dance workshop

We are looking forward to this excitng event on Monday when children will take part in a dance workshop brought to us by West End in Schools.

Phonics - the grapheme ue and o (saying its own name). I will send another word sheet home for practising spellings. Children had some great ideas of how to use these and described the games they have played at home. One child also showed us how he had been practising spellings using the whiteboard on the back cover of the planner. It was a highly successful first week learning spellings for the 'test' and children showed that they were well prepared. Well done everybody!

Reading - shared reader 41 What's for Lunch? I love the opening lines of this book and I am imagining the conversations we will have surrounding 'adventures in the mud'! I would like to know what you all call the end of a loaf of bread in your families. Personally, I have never heard of 'the heel of the loaf'. Please prime your children with an answer to the question.

This reader also focuses on adjectives being used to describe nouns.

Maths - In Mastering Number we will focus on the composition of 6 and look at the different ways of arranging 6. Children will be asked to describe how they 'see' 6 in different arrangements.

They might say:

'I see 4 and 2' or

'I see 3 and 3' or even

'It's a push chair'!

How do you see 6?

In our main lessons, we will continue comparing quantities and begin to use inequality symbols to express this. I'll be showing children these images to help visualise the concept.

The castle theme was planned (of course!).

Have a great week everyone!

Castle pictures

Children have been busy writing in their spare time and we have enjoyed sharing it in Challenger class. Keep it up!

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