All about food

Last week the children had great fun thinking about birthdays, cakes, presents and parties. This theme was used across the curriculum for stories, counting and artwork.

In this coming week the theme is food. We will look at stories which involve eating food from different countries, the food animals eat and our favourite foods. There will be opportunities to taste foods and discuss healthy diets. Artwork will feature food as well.

The children have been learning more sounds, writing them and using them to read words. They enjoy singing the jollyphonics songs and making the actions for each letter.

The days of the week focus for maths was fun. We shared many stories, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Mr. Wolf's Week and The Princess and the Wizard. This week the time work will involve time vocabulary: morning, afternoon, evening, today, tomorrow. We will be looking at patterns of dots, specifically on dice and dominoes. How about using dice to play board games and learn how to play dominoes at home?