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Adventure. Week 6

It was nice to see most of our Adventure children back in school! Everyone is happy to be back and see their friends again :)

This week we have seen where Hot and Cold countries are located on the map and this led us to understand the 4 points on a compass North, South, East, West. Related with mapping we have created a map of our school and for that we used the very helpful Google maps. We wondered how we could see our school and Nettlebed from space, so we found out information about satellites!

In Phonics we have learned the sound "ure" and we have done a recap of our tricky words "so" "when" and "there". Adventure children can spot some of these words in books, on signs, and on packages...

In maths children began to understand differences and similarities comparing sets or groups reinforcing the language "more than" and "fewer than". We have played the game equal or not equal and in some cases we could have a go at saying how many more or how many less.

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