• vyoldi

Adventure. Week 2

Adventure children have enjoyed learning about our topic "Hot and cold". This week we have been focused on learning the seasons and what happens during each of them plus many more things!

In Phonics we have learned the sounds "oo" and "ar" and the tricky words that tried to tricked us "come and said". Now Adventure children can spot these on books! give a try at home!

In Maths we have focused on subitising skills to number 6 and possible arrangements with 6 counters. You can practise at home with beans for example! We have begun to quickly see the sub-groups within 6 (0-6, 1-5, 2-4, 3-3...even some children spot 2-2-2!).

In Arts we have seen warm and cold colours. Adventure children have started to create a lovely piece of art. Here some are some pics: