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Adventure week

Adventure children had a great week having fun and learning. Related with our topic "Hot and Cold" adventure have explored different habitats around the world and created a lovely display with animals that live in them.

In Phonics we have learned "ow" and "oi" and tricky words "some", "what" and "when". Also we have been practicing our writing skills and wrote a story with rhyming words related with the book of the week "one snowy night" ask your child to retell their own story.

In Maths we have been practicing the composition of numbers and subitising numbers up to 6 and start to split numbers into parts and consider if there are missing parts. When the children can compose numbers and decompose mentally they will became fluent in their knowledge of number bonds and will be able to use these to became efficient when calculating in Key Stage 1.

In science we have experimented with ice and ways to make it melt. We have found out that salt helps to defrost and warm water of course. We have talked about the freezing point and now Adventure children have developed curiosity for the temperature.

To finish off, we had a great surprise at the end of the week. Firefighters came to visit us! Adventure children had a great fun learning about the people who help keep us safe :).

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