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Adventure class week 3

Hi everyone!

Adventure children have been learning more things about "Hot and Cold" countries and where in the map they are located. We have introduced the concept "equator" and "the poles". This week we have pretended that we were travelling to a hot country. For that we have written a list of items that we could take to our destination.

In Phonics this week we have learned "or" and "ur". Adventure children have tried really hard to write their own sentences with words with these sounds in it. Also "have" and "like" have tried to trick us.

In Maths have developed our understanding of the ordinal aspect by investigating the difference in value of consecutive numbers. We have begun to understand 1 more and 1 less.

In PE we've had lots of fun doing gymnastics and dancing! We have learned a dance of an animal that lives in the cold weather....the penguin dancing! Enjoy the video :)

Look at the lovely displays we have created with our paintings and writing.

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