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Adventure Class-The week ahead

During last week there was Irish dancing, learning about St Patrick's day, looking at maps of Dublin and creating our own. Leprechauns featured in stories and maths. The story about the two giants and The Giant's Causeway was entertaining. Such fun!

This coming week we will focus on Scotland. Who is the saint? What is the capital? What are the traditions and music? Another fun filled week.

Daily phonics continues with children learning the names of the letters alongside the sounds of the letters. Songs and oral matching games will help memories with this. Revision of Phase 2 sounds and continuing to introduce Phase 3 sounds will be part of the sessions.

The maths work is to think about the which month our birthdays are in, seasons and festivals in the year. Rote counting to 100, and practical activities to compare numbers within 20 will keep us busy.

It is getting closer to a special celebration in December. Adventure Class will be looking at a special story and acting it out. Our timetable becomes very flexible during this part of term.

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