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Adventure Class -the week ahead

Last week we used our senses of hearing and smell. It was interesting to find out that all the children could identify the chocolate and the hand sanitiser in the mystery containers by smell alone.

It was great to be able to share information with parents, in the zoom calls or telephone calls, about the way children have settled into routines, made friends and their progress across the curriculum.

This coming week the children will be taking part in the pumpkin choosing on Monday. Please decorate the pumpkins at home and return them on Friday morning for the judging.

There will be buddy assemblies on Tuesday and Wednesday at 2.30 p.m. The year 6 children will introduce their foundation stage buddy to the rest of the school. Each week we have found a way for the buddies to spend some time together.

During the week we will continue to learn phonics, read and write words. The maths focus will be to order numbers, count accurately and solve problems. There are many opportunities to count at home. Counting as you decorate the pumpkin, eat biscuits or look at numbers as you walk down the street will help with number knowledge.

In our topic work on senses the children will make their own book. What can they hear, see, smell, touch and taste?

It is the last week before half term and we aim to have fun with the different activities planned.

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