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Adventure Class - the week ahead

Last week was all about food. The children enjoyed tasting food, using food for art and thinking about a healthy diet.

Our sense of sight

This coming week we will think about the sense of sight. There are some fun stories about what we see around us and how our sight helps us to learn about the world we live in. Autumn is a season for change and it would be wonderful to focus on this over the coming week.

Our maths will be working on adding and subtracting in practical situations. We will be measuring using parts of our bodies such as hands and feet. Who has the biggest feet in your home? Can you measure how far it is from the one door to another door using your feet?

It is great to see the children joining in so brilliantly with the phonic activities. We are continuing to learn new sounds and use them for reading words. Thank you for sharing the books and word bags at home.

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