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Adventure class. Term 6. Week 3

Ni hao! Arigato! Privet! Marhaba! Adventure children are international! and so, we have been practicing a few words from around the world! This week it was the continent of Asia that we learned about, and we found out many interesting facts! As a project, they wrote their favourite facts and we have made our own informative program for parents to watch! Enjoy it!

Children had a go at dancing Bollywood, Russian and Chinese dancing... we had so much fun and we realised how different the dances are from one country to another!

Do you believe that Adventure children can write some Chinese words? Here is the proof!

This Phonics week was all about finding the best strategies to write sentences that will make sense and include our new sound "ey".

In Maths we have learned about odd and even numbers and where you can find them in real live. Also we are exploring 2D shapes and talking about their attributes.

Have a great weekend!

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