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Adventure class. Term 6. Week 1

Welcome to our last term of the academic year! The topic of the term will be Global Citizenship where Adventure children will learn about the continents and some of the countries that are part of them.

This weeks continent is Europe. Children will learn facts about some countries like England, France, Spain, Italy... and some words in other languages!

In Phonics: We will recap all sounds learned so far alongside the tricky words. We will use them to do our writing task about Europe and write some sentences.

In Maths: we will compare attributes and quantities and focus in more and less.

Art: we will work on our covered area to transform it into place where children will make maps, draw and write information from a simple map and will explore to find treasures.

Science: this term we will talk about plants, and what habitats can you find in each continent.

Music: this term music will be related with each countries we get to talk about that week. This week children will have a go at dancing flamenco, Irish and Scottish dance!

PSHE: this term we will talk about growing and changing, where children will learn scientific names for different body parts.

RE: we will get to talk about religions in the world.

PE: this term we will practice athletics for get ready for sports day!

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