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Adventure class. Term 6. Week

Another great week full of learning and great activities has gone past!

This week Adventure children have learned about the continent Europe. We have created a display with comments and facts about Europe to convince one of our American friends (crocodile) to come and visit. I believe crocodile was convinced by Adventure children to come and visit soon.

Since we won the house point competition again (children are on fire with challenges), Adventure children came dressed in their favourite pyjamas! We played games and had so much fun. Here you can see them holding our lovely display about Europe.

To learn about the culture in different countries of Europe we needed to have a little taste from each of them. Not only dancing and listening to music from other cultures was enough to get that flavour (we tried a very hard Ukrainian dance), but also we had an amazing food tasting! We made our own pizza, we tasted different French cheeses, Spanish omelette (not made by Miss G, luckily) and some German meat. Guess which one we voted the most delicious dish.... our own pizza! I am not surprised.

In Phonics we have learned "aw" sound, and tricky words should, would... Also we are learning how to put words in the right order to make a sentence that makes sense. Sometimes we like being silly and create our own silly sentences :)

In maths we are using our rekenreks to practice our subitising skills (count without counting), and number bonds to 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

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