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Adventure class. Term 5. Week 4.

Another exciting week has gone past in Adventure full of fun and learning!

This week's topic was everything related with trains and boats.

In relation with boats the children have played a game in Science, sink or not sink. Why some materials float and others sink?

Design and Technology it has been dedicated to build our own vehicles and decorate them. We will try them out to see if they actually work next week and make them to think about their design.

In Phonics we have recapped everything we have learned so far, especially the new sounds ay, ou, ie, ea and the new tricky words.

In maths we have used spatial language to describe the groups you can make within 5, 6 and 7, in this way we have learned number bonds too!

To finish off the week since the weather was rainy, we have practised some yoga indoors...we have loved having a relaxing PE session!

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