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Adventure class. Term 5. Week 3

Another great week has gone past in Adventure class, full of fun activities and learning.

We started our week with a lovely virtual visit from Gerald the Giraffe to talk about Happy, Healthy Me. What things do we eat and drink to grow strong and healthy? What things do you do that makes you feel happy?

The topic "Journeys" is giving us many opportunities to learn about ways of traveling. This week we have looked closely at travelling by plane all around the world. So adventure children used their fine motor skills to create their own paper airplanes and fly them with their buddies.

This wasn't the only time we spent with buddies though. Adventure won the house point competition and as a treat we decided to go to the Nettlebed playground with a nice surprise...their buddies were going with us! Everyone had so much fun! Very well deserved treat!

In phonics we have learned ie and ea sound. Tricky words of the week: their and asked.

In Maths we have explored that some arrangements are easier to subitise (count without counting) than others. We used our doubles knowledge to support their subitising skills and other visual strategies.

And last but not least here you have last group of children creating their own vehicle.

Have a lovely weekend everybody!

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