Adventure class. Term 4. Week 5.

Another exciting and busy week has gone by in Adventure class.

The book of the week was "Goldilocks and the Three Bears". The children enjoyed making porridge, cutting their toppings and eating it! Also, Adventure children have written some questions for Goldilocks and the Bears and pretended they were journalist by asking them questions in a pretend press conference :)

In Phonics we are learning Phase 4 sounds, we know how to write words with these sounds and put them into sentences! Try at home to make some silly sentences, the children will love it!

In Maths we have used our previous knowledge to explore doubles to 10 with dice pattern, fingers and a very catchy song.

Since it is almost Easter, the children have started enjoying some of the great activities the school have organised. Next week will have some more!

Have a lovely weekend!!