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Adventure class. Term 4. Week 4

Last weeks pictures:

This week we will learn:

Phonics: oo short sound as in "Look the book". Tricky words: were, put, all.

Maths: we will review ways to make 6 and 7 as 5 and a bit (and other ways). Also we will look at Heights and Length.

Literacy: we are looking at the story Goldilocks and the Three bears. Linked to it we will be cooking and eating porridge!

Science: we will look at fizzy potions and gases.

The walk on Friday was cancelled due to weather conditions but it has been rescheduled to this Friday.

Children are taking home some "homework" which is optional, in fact, they asked for it! Feel free to finish it at home and bring it back when finished to give them some house points.

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