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Adventure class. Term 4. Week 3

Apologies for the delay on the Mondays blog, something went wrong and it didn't upload!!

Last week's pictures:

This week we will learn:

Phonics: oo sound as in "zoom to the moon". Tricky words: said, was.

Maths: we will carry on comparing capacity and learning about 2D shapes.

Literacy: the Ugly Duckling linked with our PSHE how to be resilient and have confidence in themselves.

Art: we will carry on with our project the 3 little pigs house.

Science: we will start learning about Chemistry! We will talk about the state of matter: solid, liquids and gases for the next few week. Fun experiments will be used to demonstrate the new knowledge.

This Monday we will have Henley Youth Festival and performers will come to school!

Also on Friday with the collaboration of Henley Youth Festival and Greener Henley association we will have a Nature walk to explore the school natural surroundings . Wellington boots and appropriate coat with hood will be required if its a rainy day or it has been raining the previous days.

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